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Virtual event series 2021

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As we continue to live through extraordinary times, our Invested in the Future series will explore a range of topical issues with some of the country’s leading thinkers, experts and social commentators. Whether it’s the future of the pound in our pocket, the way we’ll navigate changes to our national security, how our cities will evolve as more of us work from home, or simply what will bring us joy 10 years from now, our series of virtual events will shed light on how our world will change as we emerge from the global pandemic.

The Future of Money

25 February

While the outlook for our economy remains unclear, so is the future of the pound in our pocket. The term “cashless society” was first coined in the 1990s, but only recently has it started to feel like a reality. The covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to ditch physical currency for contactless payment, and as more of us shop online and use our smart phones and watches for instant payments, could the sight of a crisp £20 note become a thing of the past?

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The Future of Security

25 March

Staying ahead of threats to our national and personal security has never been so complex. As new technologies such as artificial intelligence develop exponentially, everyone from nation states to disgruntled teenagers are finding ways to take advantage of our vulnerabilities. While the threat from global powers such as Russia and China grab the headlines, we explore why security is no longer about pure military might.

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The Future of Cities

29 April

The past 12 months has seen a dramatic change in our relationship with cities. Working from home, shopping online, home schooling and the Government’s instruction to “stay local” has meant that our city centres have gone from thriving metropolises to ghost towns. Many firms are considering their office space needs and national retailers are reducing their presence on the high street. Is this the time to rethink our cities?

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The Future of Healthcare

3 June

Within weeks of covid-19 enforcing social distancing, we were able to book GP appointments online and conduct health consultations over our mobile phone. And within a year we had a suite of approved vaccines - a process that normally takes years, not months. These changes reflect a burgeoning revolution in healthcare. We explain why this is just the beginning.

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The Future of Happiness

6 July

Before the global pandemic struck, many of us felt content amid busy social lives, nice holidays and furthering our careers. But 2020 left many of us questioning our old lives and considering where we will derive happiness from in the future having realised the importance of spending more time with our families, enjoying walks in the fresh air, and living a simpler life.

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All events are being hosted by...

Samantha Simmonds

Broadcast Journalist and Host of Sunday Politics

Samantha Simmonds has been a journalist and broadcaster for more than 20 years – she is currently presenting on BBC World News where she covers international events of the day. She also presents Sunday Politics and has her own podcast, ‘It’s a Grown-Up Life’. She presented on Sky News for more than a decade anchoring coverage of some of the biggest stories of recent years. These included the murder of British MP Jo Cox, the EU referendum live from Gibraltar, several general elections and the terror attacks in Tunisia and Brussels. Samantha’s highlights while at Sky include presenting on location at Buckingham Palace for the Queens’s 90th Birthday, at the Olympic Park for the London 2012 opening ceremony, and presenting from outside Buckingham Palace during the royal wedding.